Trump’s Latest Moves Stun The Left AND The Right…He Just Rewrote The Book On…

The liberal media still struggle to understand Donald Trump. Despite the fact that he’s been an outspoken public figure for many years, and he’s made his stances widely known and understood during the campaign, it seems the entrenched liberals of the mainstream media can’t fully grasp the man.

This is why, by and large, they discounted him during the election, going as far as working against him and misrepresenting him in their coverage. They never expected this billionaire businessman to win the election. They underestimated the anger of the American people toward the government and Trump’s keen ability to connect with people of all backgrounds.

Now, with Trump soon to take the White House, they are scrambling to make themselves relevant in this new era of government. Already Trump has made it clear that he does not need the mainstream media to communicate and garner support with Americans; he didn’t need their help during the election and he doesn’t need them now.

So it makes sense to see them having a hard time understanding the decisions he’s making as president, or at least, trying to push a new narrative about his stances.

From WSJ:

In fact, it’s nearly impossible to identify a clear ideological bent in the incoming president’s early moves. It’s probably a mistake to try, because the definitions of left and right, liberal and conservative, are being scrambled right before our eyes.

Some Trump moves so far track with his populist outsider campaign image. Others are moves a conventional conservative could make. Some on his team would have been comfortable picks by any standard-issue Republican; some could as easily have been made by a Democratic president-elect.

The emerging picture suggests only two safe predictions about the Trump presidency. The first is that there will be a continuing struggle between the populist Donald Trump, who battles the corporate world and its love of free markets above all else, and the more conventionally Republican Donald Trump, who is comfortable with the leaders of that same corporate, free-market-loving world.

So far the choices Trump has made regarding his transition, staff picks, and first 100 days in office are largely in line with his promises during the campaign.  Yet a few unexpected choices have left the media and liberals confused and fearful.

They’d like nothing more than to peg Trump a certain way. That way, they could more easily attack and misrepresent him in their coverage of his presidency. Instead he continues to make choices that don’t stick to the MSM’s script, but according to the best decisions for our country.

Make no mistake, the next four years won’t be determined by party politics, political correctness, or the agenda of the media. It will be governed by leaders who put America first and make the best decisions on behalf of the American people.

Trump will continue to be unpredictable to the people whose job it is to predict people. And that’s a very good thing.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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