WHOA! Donald Trump’s Latest Rally Is SO MASSIVE…Thousands Forced To…

Everyone knows that Donald Trump attracts much bigger crowds than Hillary Clinton, by many orders of magnitude. If anyone doubted that Trump could still draw massive audiences after the first presidential debate, they got a rude awakening after he touched down in his first post-debate stop.

Despite inhospitable weather, over ten thousand people gathered inside a massive hangar at the Orlando Melbourne International Airport in Florida, a key state the Trump needs to win to make it to the White House. Outside thousands more were prevented from entering by the fire marshall for safety reasons.

At the podium, Trump addressed the crowd:

“We do have these crowds elsewhere. But they said the fire marshall closed us down, won’t let 12,000 people in, but then when I looked at this [audience] I said, ‘Now I understand.’

“Where’s the fire marshall? Fire marshall, let ‘em in, please!”

Some in the crowd began chanting “Let them in!” before Trump continued with his prepared remarks.

Credit: Right Side Broadcasting

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