The OTHER Donald Trump…This Is What The Media Is Desperate To Keep YOU From Learning!

We expect to hear that Donald Trump counts multi-millionaire entrepreneurs among his closest friends. But what about a female televangelist?

Paula White appeared on CNN recently to set the record straight about the man she’s known for almost 15 years.

Conservative Tribune reports:

According to White, the relationship between her and Trump began in 2002, when he sought her out after having watched some of her sermons on television.

“I got a phone call,” she continued. “He was watching Christian Television and he called up and said hey, you’re fantastic, and repeated almost verbatim three of my sermons on value, vision — and a friendship formed, and relationship, and not just with Donald and with his staff with his family, with his children and with his friends.”

This friendship has remained strong to this day, due in part due to Trump’s immense curiosity, as he has throughout the years frequently called her to ask questions about her sermons.

White’s portrait of Trump will surprise even some of his most passionate defenders. Yet we know that numerous evangelical leaders have also endorsed his presidential campaign after meeting with him. Evidently they too have seen something in Donald Trump that is normally hidden under a tough, flamboyant exterior.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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