[CHAOS] Trump’s Skipping THIS Important State, Could Cost Him Nomination…Supporters Baffled

With the GOP primaries getting closer to the finish line, every state, every delegate counts.

That means the 36 delegates earned from one Midwest state can have a big impact on whoever earns them.

Even front runner Donald Trump would be wise in trying to snatch them up.

But surprisingly, he’s all but absent from the state.

According to Politico:

Trump’s best hope in the state might have been to get a few of his supporters on the list of people who will fill those delegate slots — supporters who, in later rounds of voting at a contested convention, would be inclined to abandon Cruz and help Trump.

But that’s where the billionaire appears to have missed his chance: Party officials say they saw virtually no organization by the mogul’s campaign last week when Republicans in all 93 Nebraska counties held local conventions. Those county conventions picked 800 delegates to May’s Nebraska state convention, where 33 delegates to the national convention in Cleveland will be selected.

It may come as a shock to Trump supporters, whose photos of rallies have been popping up all over social media, to neglect the entirety of Nebraska.

But in the ever-increasingly expensive world of American politics, a business mogul like Trump probably doesn’t want to cast seeds where they just won’t grow.

Nebraska hasn’t been a favorable environment to the Trump campaign. Gov.  Pete Ricketts has been quiet regarding his support, either for or against.

However, his family, notable Republican supporters have helmed the anti-Trump movement. Sen. Ben Sasse also is openly opposed to Trump. These could be factors that have convinced Trump’s people that time spent in the state is wasted time.

But that’s not how everyone in Nebraska feels. A candidate like Trump could have gained significant momentum, due to the people’s opinion toward D.C.

There’s a deep vein of anti-establishment sentiment in Nebraska that has helped propel outsider candidates through primaries there before — and there has even been local backlash against political leaders who have condemned Trump.

Yet Trump and his people by and large are neglecting the state. Reports all over districts say that Trump supporters don’t show up at events. They aren’t even fighting for a place on the ballet, come voting.

Perhaps Trump is confident that he’ll sweep larger states. Or perhaps this was another case of mismanagement on the part of his team. Either way, it looks like Nebraska will be a certain Cruz win.

Source: Politico

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