Obama Wasting Millions To Save Hillary…Trump’s Response NAILS Them Both! – BOOM

Hillary Clinton is scared.

That much we do know. Despite the weak-willed FBI refusing to call for an indictment, the most recent revelations about the former secretary of state’s conduct isn’t winning her any votes. The mountain of evidence of her poor conduct, mismanagement, and downright corruption will eventually bury her.

So it’s no surprise that she is pulling in every favor to restore some of her credibility. But she has few allies that the American people kinda respect (sorry, Soros ain’t one of them). Most recently she’s bamboozled Barack Obama, America’s former idol, to help her on the campaign trail.

But the failed president has little cache with the American people. Plus it looks he’s only making things worse by lending out Air Force One to help the “most corruption politician” try to win the White House.

It’s disgusting and pathetic. And of course, Donald Trump refused to ignore it.

From Yes I’m Right:

Donald Trump on Tuesday ratcheted up his criticism of President Barack Obama’s travel aboard Air Force One to help Hillary Clinton, ripping into the president for his campaign trip to North Carolina at taxpayers’ expense.

“Taxpayers are paying a fortune for the use of Air Force One on the campaign trail by President Obama and Crooked Hillary. A total disgrace!” Trump tweeted Tuesday, hours before Clinton and Obama are scheduled to fly from Joint Base Andrews to Charlotte, North Carolina, for their first joint appearance.

Yep, your tax dollars are going to help Hillary flying around the country, spewing her toxic rhetoric. Not that it’ll help her much. As time goes on, more and more facts about her corruption will hit the air waves. Trump won’t miss a single detail and will destroy whatever credibility the woman has left.

Come November, only the most diehard and foolish will be supporting Clinton.

Source: Yes I’m Right

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