Trump Just Launched A DEVASTATING Attack On Hillary Clinton…Everyone Is Cheering!

Although the general election is still months away, Donald Trump is wasting no time in derailing “Crooked Hillary.”

He doesn’t have to look far to find credible proof that the former Secretary of State is unfit for leadership.

His newest ad hit the internet, exposing Clinton’s devastating response to the Benghazi attack in 2012:

From Breitbart:

On Tuesday, Trump portrayed Clinton, Obama’s former Secretary of State in a damaging light as she tries to position herself as a more moderate and trusted foreign policy choice than Trump:

Screenshot (84)

That jihad attack in Libya killed four Americans, including the ambassador. But President Barack Obama and his deputies focused media and public attention on an anti-Islamic video, and away from Obama’s policy decisions, during the few weeks between the September attack and the November election.

The President’s handling of the attack was nothing short of a disaster, proving Obama and Clinton have no business leading this country, let alone dealing with foreign countries.

Libya is now a fractured state, suffering from continued civil war. It is also a center from which migrants seek shelter in Europe. This entire problem started in 2011 when Obama and Clinton helped support the rebels that overthrew the tribal government.

Of course Obama neglected to offer continued support to help stabilize the country.

So Clinton’s chickens have come home to roost. But it remains to be seen how much this ad will damage the candidate in the primaries and general election. Well just wait and see.

Source: Breitbart

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