Trump Just Went There! Check Out His New Ad…Democrats In FULL PANIC!

Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton relies on women — specifically, self-described feminists — as the foundation of her support. The question is, for how much longer?

As the prospect of another Clinton presidency looms, conservatives have been reminding voters that while preaching feminism, Hillary has spent decades excusing and allegedly covering up her husband’s notorious treatment of women — trying to dismiss allegations of unwanted advances and even rape as simply rumors spread by “a vast right-wing conspiracy.”

As expected, Donald Trump is focusing on Hillary’s hypocrisy and cowardice in his new campaign ad.

According to The Hollywood Reporter:

The black and white spot runs for about 20 seconds and includes quotes from a 1999 interview on ‘Dateline.’

On Monday, Donald Trump released over social media his newest attack ad against Hillary Clinton which focuses on her husband, former President Bill Clinton.

Along with the ad, the presumptive GOP presidential candidate asks: “Is Hillary really protecting women?”

The black and white spot runs for about 20 seconds and features women’s voices, including Juanita Broaddrick, who accused Bill Clinton of rape. Bill Clinton is shown with a cigar in his mouth. The ad ends with Hillary laughing and the words: “Here we go again?”

Will the gambit work? Will Millennial voters, possibly hearing these allegations for the first time, turn against Hillary and back Sanders or even Trump?

Will older Americans, all too familiar with the Lewinsky era, actually be turned off by having to relive it through Trump’s attack ads and rhetoric?

Hillary will likely gain some mileage by quipping, “You’re running against me, not my husband.” But after the applause for that line dies down, it’s likely Trump won’t let the subject go. What does her behavior say about her judgement? Does Hillary’s ambition mean more to her than her so-called principles?

Those are questions that matter when choosing the leader of the nation.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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