Trump’s STUNNING Order Just Landed, The Radical Left Is KNOCKED OUT — BOOM!

American liberals like to point to countries like Canada or in Europe and say that the United States should imitate them: their healthcare systems, maternity leave plans or environmental schemes.

However, these same liberals might be horrified if they learned how “right wing” these same countries are when it comes to one of their pet issues.

Democrats are obsessed with voter I.D. They’ve concocted this bizarre myth that it is difficult for certain people to get identification, and therefore having I.D. shouldn’t be a requirement to cast a ballot.

However, in Canada and elsewhere, voter I.D. laws are strictly enforced. Only certain documents are accepted at polling stations. Furthermore, no one left or right in these countries thinks this is unfair or some kind of human rights violation.

It is literally a non-issue to all involved.

Clearly the voter I.D. “controversy” in the U.S. is an absurd, imaginary “problem” that Democrats use to demonize Republicans while trying to make it easier for illegals to vote (for them.)

Yet, as he is doing on so many issues, President Trump is moving quickly to address voter I.D. confusion:

The U.S. Justice Department under President Donald Trump is abandoning its six-year-old claim that Texas’ voter ID law was enacted with intent to discriminate against minorities, signaling a reversal from the government’s posture under former President Barack Obama. (…)

The decision sent shock waves through legal rights groups that had partnered with the government in challenging the 2011 voter ID law.

Some had warned that the Justice Department under incoming U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who was opposed by many civil rights groups, would retreat from the Obama administration’s aggressive push against state photo ID requirements, which critics say are designed to make it more difficult for minorities to vote.

Matt Palumbo adds:

The Justice Department is expected to officially lay out their new position during a hearing tomorrow. AG Jeff Sessions favors voter ID laws, but specifies only those “properly drafted.”

The overwhelming amount of voters agree across the political spectrum, with 80 percent support for voter ID laws, and only 18 percent opposed.

Democrats and activists who insist that requiring I.D. would “make it more difficult for minorities to vote” can never quite explain why getting identification is so daunting for some groups and not others.

In today’s society, we need I.D., licenses and other paperwork to do almost anything, whether we like it or not. Why are liberals trying to infantilize minorities and keep them from fully participating in American society?

More importantly: How do race mongers and identity politics activists live with themselves as they insist — with a straight face — that members of their own communities are apparently too helpless to acquire basic legal identification?

They call Republicans “racist” but in this case, who are the real racists…?

Source: Allen B. West

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