TRUMP WINS! Donald’s Path To The White House REVEALED…HERE’S How

The Hill is out with a long piece analyzing Donald Trump’s path to 270 electoral votes and the presidency.

While they concede that Hillary Clinton starts with some advantages, they point out that these can be overcome.

They also point to the fact that some Democrat leaders recognize the fact that Trump could redraw the map by cutting into traditional Democrat voters like blue-collar whites in the industrial heartland as well as African-Americans.

This was evidenced over the weekend by rapper Azealia Banks’ endorsement of Trump in which she pointed out that Clinton “talks to black people as if we’re children or pets.” Even Obama pal Van Jones is concerned about Trump over-performing with blacks.

The Hill lays out the five things Trump must do to win…

Change the electoral map

Trump needs to shake up the electoral map by winning states that Republicans have lost for decades.

He intends to do this chiefly by winning Pennsylvania and Michigan, two states Trump won in the GOP primary season.

Get into the Clintons’ heads

Trump will be running against a candidate with deep vulnerabilities in Clinton, who like Trump suffers from weak approval ratings. In early March, a Washington Post-ABC News poll found only 37 percent saw her as honest and trustworthy.

Trump is already seizing on those figures by describing Clinton as “Crooked Hillary,” a nickname he hopes will be as successful as his primary attacks on “Little Marco” and “Lyin’ Ted.”

Unify the GOP

Ryan’s decision gave air to those looking for a third-party candidate against Trump. But Ryan also faced a fierce backlash over his decision, and he left the door open to moving behind Trump eventually.

Picking the right vice presidential candidate is vital for Trump.

He needs a running mate who can reassure Republicans that he really is one of them given doubts about his policy positions and party loyalties.

Reduce his weakness with Hispanics

Trump’s vice presidential pick is a key here, too.

Among the names he’s likely considering are Rubio and New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez.

Both could help Trump reach out to a constituency he has alienated from his entry to the race, when he promised to build a wall on the Mexican border that would keep “rapists” and “criminals” from coming to the United States.


Trump won the GOP primary saying he would “make America great again.”

Trump presents himself as the ultimate winner — and a dealmaker who can negotiate good terms for the U.S.

He’s said he would negotiate better trade deals and stronger agreements that would force U.S. allies to pay for their own defense. He’s said Mexico will pay for the wall built on its border, and that he’d look forward to trying to negotiate peace in the Middle East.

Source: The Hill

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