Hillary’s NIGHTMARE: Trumps Pick For AG Is Rocking DC…And Scaring Democrats To Death!

With Donald Trump the de facto nominee for the Republican Party, speculation has begun for his potential cabinet members.

We already know he is working with Ben Carson to explore possible Vice President candidates.

We’ve heard from the former candidate about who Trump might select to be his attorney general.

And you’ll never guess who it could be…

From The Hill:

Ben Carson on Wednesday floated Ted Cruz as a possible attorney general in a Donald Trump administration, noting that it could allow Cruz to prosecute Hillary Clinton.

“I think he would be terrific on the Supreme Court, or I think he would be a terrific attorney general. Or he could be both,” Carson told Fox News Radio’s John Gibson.

Carson was asked whether it would be “smart” for Trump, now the presumptive GOP nominee, to nominate Cruz to the Supreme Court.

“He could be attorney general first, you know, go ahead and prosecute Hillary, and then go on the Supreme Court,” Carson added.

Now that’s a bombshell if I’ve ever heard one.

Could Cruz and Trump put aside the months of fighting and form an alliance? In the political world, you can’t hold onto to grudges, if you ever want to accomplish anything. If Trump puts Cruz into a position of influence, either as Attorney General or as a Supreme Court Judge, it would send shock waves throughout Washington.

Cruz has been respected as being an outsider himself. That’s what kept his campaign alive for so many months. Trump adding him to his roster of allies would certainly shake up insider politics even more.  And making him a Justice would ensure Trump’s influence for decades to come.

We can be certain that an Attorney General Cruz wouldn’t let Hillary’s missteps go lightly. He would pursue legal action against Clinton, leaving no stone unturned.

It’s clear that we will be looking at a very different America, come next January.

Source: The Hill

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