WOW: Trump’s Plan To BOOST The Economy Revealed…Liberals Are FREAKING OUT!


Donald Trump has a plan—a plan to make America great again.  Liberals, of course, hate that idea.

They seem to be thrilled with the mire Obama has driven us into.  Obama is the first President to never see a year of 3% GDP growth.  8 years later he wants to blame this on George W. Bush.  Sorry, Obama, no one’s buying it.

Hillary’s plan to improve the economy is more of the same. If she expects better results than Obama got, she must be insane.

Trump has held some of the details of his economic plan close to the vest.  It is an enormous challenge to figure out how to get the economy growing again, the debt paid, and the government smaller and more efficient, but now more specifics are coming out. Not surprisingly, liberals like the Huffington Post hate them.  Which makes their article all the more entertaining since his policies horrify them while making perfect sense to average Americans.

The Huffington Post had this to say about some of Trump’s plans, once in office, as revealed by his senior economic advisor, Stephen Moore:

On top of Trump’s plans to maintain costly programs like Social Security, he’s also proposed a massive tax cut and pledged to balance the federal budget within seven years. Yet anyone who looks closely at Trump’s proposals comes away with the same question: How would a Trump administration pay for all this?

For starters, Moore said, major cabinet-level agencies should be eliminated. Walton asked him specifically about eliminating the departments of Commerce, Education and Energy. Together, these agencies employ an estimated 150,000 people, and they oversee things ranging from nuclear security to federal student loans to the U.S. patent system.

“I’m going to press as hard as possible to [eliminate the agencies],” Moore said. “We’re putting a budget together right now that is going to not only pay for the tax cut, but balance the budget in six or seven years. And to do that, you’ve got to make very significant cuts in those kinds of programs.

“I mean, my God, why do we need an Energy Department?” Moore asked, semi-exasperated. “All the Energy Department has done in the last 25 years is make energy prices more expensive!”

Most all of these actions conservatives can agree with, across the board, while the liberals are screaming bloody murder at all the power and control they will lose.  Who would be better for America’s economy, Trump or Clinton? America will decide that very soon.

Source: The Huffington Post

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