Donald Trump Just REVEALED His Plan To Root Out Muslim Extremists…Has Liberals Crying!

In less than a year, we’ve had two devastating terrorist attacks on U.S. soil. American lives were lost when radicalized Muslims, some native-born, drew weapons against their fellow man.

Now we’re faced with a greater crisis than post-9/11. How do we protect our country against this growing tide of terrorism?

If you listen to Obama, the problem is not with radical Islam, but with America. We, apparently, bring it on ourselves.

He blames us for wanting to protect our freedoms, like the right to bear arms. I guess we deserve all the hate from these terrorist groups. We should just lie down and let them kill us!

That seems to be Obama’s message to America, seeing as how he’s done nothing to stem ISIS’s influence in our country. However, GOP nominee for president Donald Trump has continued to offer solutions to not only stem ISIS, but stamp it out for good.

Via Yes I’m Right:

Republican Donald Trump said on Sunday the United States should consider more racial profiling, in response to a question about whether he supported greater law enforcement scrutiny of Muslim Americans after the Orlando mass shooting.

“I think profiling is something that we’re going to have to start thinking about as a country,” Trump told CBS’ “Face the Nation.”

“You look at Israel and you look at others, and they do it and they do it successfully. And you know, I hate the concept of profiling, but we have to start using common sense,” he said when asked if he supported increased profiling of Muslims in America.

After the 9/11 attacks way back in 2001, the U.S. government was compelled to use racial profiling. It was an unavoidable necessity in light of the unprecedented terrorist attack. Now we face the same threat, one that our government does not want to stop. Profiling can be a key to apprehending dangerous individuals before they attack.

In a speech on national security on Monday, Trump stood by his call for a temporary ban on Muslims entering the United States and proposed a suspension of immigration from countries with “a proven history of terrorism.”

Liberals oppose such ideas, not because they won’t be effective, but because they want to look sympathy to immigrants and minorities. However, the vast majority of Americans–voting Americans–agree that we are in perilous danger. If preventing Muslim countries from sending people here can keep us safe, we just have to do it.

Source: Yes I’m Right

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