POWERFUL: Donald Trump’s INCREDIBLE Gesture…Grieving Mom Brought To Tears [WATCH]

Despite what the liberal media wants you to believe, Donald Trump is a human being.

If you look past the bold, New York attitude and strong opinions, you’ll find a man that cares about people.

He’s a dedicate father, intelligent businessman, and considerate person.

He respects law enforcement and has committed himself to looking after our veterans. Now we have proof of his compassion for parents who have lost children to violence.

From Breitbart:

Cell phone footage captured at Wednesday’s campaign rally shows Donald Trump’s touching and spontaneous interaction with a group of mothers who attended the rally and who lost their children to illegal alien violence.

Sabine Durden—whose 30-year-old son Dominic was murdered by an illegal alien who was driving without a license and who had two prior DUI charges—said that she “lost it” when Trump kissed her son’s poster.

Durden said the act “came from his heart.” This wasn’t during the main rally, the press cameras weren’t rolling. He, in fact, was on his way out of the building, when he stopped to make time for her. This during the bustling environment his rallies have become.

This is all happening, we remind you, while protestors try to vilify the man only feet away. At many of his rallies, anti-Trump groups gather outside to malign the Presidential hopeful. Their wanton acts of violence and hate are a sharp contrast to the conservative candidate, who stops his busy schedule to show kindness to a grieving mother.

“He’s our last hope for our country to ever recover,” Durden said of Trump’s candidacy.

Durden said that Trump has been her “personal hero and lifesaver.” She added, “He gave me the boost I needed to keep going and keep telling Dominic’s story.

You can criticize the made for his personality, hair style, or bold stance. But you cannot deny he’s got it where it counts. He cares about the American people and they know it.

Watch full video below:

Source: Breitbart

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