Trump’s jaw-dropping reply to 9-year-old’s ‘pickle’ letter leaves Americans everywhere jealous

Despite the slander from the mainstream media, Donald Trump is loved and respected by millions of Americans.

He is even a role model for many children. Some of whom send him letters on the regular.

One of those eager letter-writers got some national attention recently at a press conference led by Sarah Huckabee Sanders.  Liberals wailed that it was a piece of propaganda and a distraction to “real business,” but most Americans loved it.

Lucky for him, he will get his questions answered in a unique way that has Americans everywhere (including all of us at Patriot Journal) jealous!

From Fox News:

A nine-year-old boy who penned a letter to President Trump asking him to be friends got his wish.

“You are my favorite president,” Dylan “Pickles” Harbin wrote a letter. “Can we be friends?”

The third-grader likes the president so much he even had a Trump-themed birthday party.

“His excitement is unbelievable,” Dylan’s mom said.

Dylan was curious about many things about the president.

“How old are you? How big is the White House? How much money do you have?” he wrote.

Dylan and his family will get a tour of the White House, where they are hoping there will be pickles to snack on.

“Pickle” made headlines last week when his letter was read at a press briefing by White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

The media refuses to acknowledge all the good Donald Trump has done, both before becoming President and now. Yet many Americans see through their lives to the strong, uncompromising leader in the White House.

Children especially look up to the man. He support for the military, working families, and his frequent appearances on TV make him a hero for many young Americans.

This one boy is certainly over the moon with the attention his letter received. Now that he’s getting a tour of the White House, perhaps he’ll get to meet his hero in person.

Let’s hope more Americans are inspired by our POTUS and reject the lies of the liberal media.

Source: Fox News

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