Donald Trump Prepares To Unleash His Secret Weapon…

Despite constant criticism from the left, Donald Trump has a core group of stalwart supporters.

However there is one group that is even more die hard than all of the rest…

If healthy, successful children are an indication of someone’s personal success, Trump would be a massive victor.

We’ve talked about Trump’s dedication to teaching his kids right from wrong.

Just their success in business is a testimony to Trump’s leadership and character.

One of his children in particular is a shining example of this, Ivanka.

Whenever she speaks on her father’s behalf, she cannot help but espouse his capability as a leader and businessman.

From Breitbart:

After hearing Ivanka talk about her father in multiple interviews, there is no question that this young woman respects and feels very close to her father.

She credits him with much of her professional success, which is quite impressive. During an interview at Fortune’s Most Powerful Women conference, Ivanka praised her father for being a good listener and leader. She said that she is the highest female executive at his business and that her professional success proves that her dad champions women. 

Do you think a racist, bigot, or sexist would be able to raise a daughter like that? Of course not.

Despite the success of his international businesses, Trump managed to raise his many children, putting them first. Most parents could learn a thing or two from the mogul.

[Ivanka] remembers feeling that she and her siblings were the most important things in her father’s life. She played in conference rooms while he held meetings and sometimes interrupted them to attend to his children. When she was six years old, he told her about a real-estate transaction he was finishing and that he couldn’t wait until she grew up and joined him in his work.

If that doesn’t convince you of Trump’s character, nothing will. Say what you will about his perceived flaws, few men in business can achieve that kind of success with their kids. The media tends to idolize leaders who build massive business empires, yet have a terrible tract record with their families (just watch any reality show). Yet here we have a viable candidate for President who’s built a business and put his kids first.

As the election marches towards November, don’t be surprised to see more of Ivanka and the rest of the Trump clan.  They’re the man’s best spokespeople, for good reason.

Source: Breitbart

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