Breaking: Trump’s Top Pick For Secretary Of Veteran Affairs Revealed…She’s Back!

One of conservative Americans’ main gripes about the Obama presidency has been his shoddy treatment of America’s military heroes. Men and women who willingly put themselves in harms way, to protect us here at home, and try to make the world a safer place for millions of people in other nations.

That president Obama would cut the pensions and wages of such honorable people, serving this nation, is bad enough but to then treat then like second and third class citizens by delaying much needed medical care is not only disgraceful, it is abominable.

Some of these heroes have died waiting for treatment that never came.

If there was ever a good reason to impeach a president, surely this should have been it but all it has done is turn the loyalties of many young Americans against the people who deserve their loyalty the most.

So to fix this injustice, president-elect Trump has vowed to make revamping the VA administration a high priority and is reportedly thinking of offering the job to former Alaskan governor, Sarah Palin.

From Allen B West:

 It seems President-elect Trump is eyeing former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to potentially be his secretary for Veterans Affairs.

The VA has been receiving a lot of well-deserved criticism over the last few years due to scandals involving wait times for patients who died before receiving treatment, so this particular agency is in desperate need of an overhaul.

According to TheBlaze:

Trump was extremely critical of the VA on the campaign trail, calling the recent scandals in which patients died waiting for treatment at VA hospitals a “disgrace” and promising to make reforming the agency a priority for his administration. He also held a number of high profile fundraisers for veterans on the campaign trail, including a joint rally and fundraiser for veterans on the same night of the final pre-Iowa Republican caucuses debate, which Trump opted to skip when Fox News refused to remove Megyn Kelly as debate moderator.

With Sarah Palin’s managerial experience, she would be a good pick to head up the VA and see that America’s vets got the medical treatment they need and have earned many times over.

It is uplifting to see that Trump is wanting to surround himself with such highly qualified people, of integrity, in his administration. It’s going to take such people to undo the destruction that the current POTUS has wrought upon this country!

Source: Allen B West 


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