WOW: Trump’s TRUTH BOMB On Hillary Is So Powerful—ABC Had To Cut the Feed! [WATCH]

If you were watching Donald Trump’s Daytona Beach speech on ABC News last week, you might have wondered if there was something wrong with your TV. Or maybe the satellite was briefly knocked out. Whatever the reason, the livestream cut out at one point, and some are asking why.

The trouble is, Trump’s speech dropped off the airwaves just as he started talking about Hillary Clinton and ISIS.

Paul Joseph Watson describes what happened:

“Take a look at Orlando, take a look at San Bernardino, take a look at the World Trade Center,” states Trump, before adding, “And we let ISIS take this position, it was Hillary Clinton that….she should get an award from them as the founder of ISIS. That’s what it…”

ABC News’ live stream coverage then immediately cuts out and goes to background music.

The video comes back in but with Trump muted before returning to full coverage.

Watson also points out that a similar incident occurred last month, when a CNN reporter talked about Hillary Clinton’s support for anti-crime legislation in the 1990s. When Brianna Keilar said these laws had led to the “mass incarcertation” of African-Americans, the live feed was inexplicably cut.

In any case, Wikileaks is threatening to release more emails shortly that will supposedly establish a connection between Clinton and the Islamic State.

But remember, everybody: Donald Trump is the dangerous one!

Credit: InfoWars

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