VILE: Coup To Restore Democracy Failed…Now Obama-Backed Islamist Dictator Doing The UNTHINKABLE!

We’re reaching a place none of us hoped we would see.

After years of bad EU leadership and destructive migrant policies, we’re beginning to reap the fruit. Europe had ignored the warnings from sound leaders within and without and now we’re facing the consequences.

Just a day after the unthinkable Bastille terrorist attack in Nice, France, we gained word that another attack was taking place in Turkey. This however, was not mounted by a foreign terrorist power, but by the nation’s own armed forces.

While the world continues to try to figure out the circumstances surrounding the coup, we are hearing terrible stories about the aftermath. It looks like the existing government might be more terrible than the ones who tried to remove it.

From The Mirror:

Almost 6,000 people have been arrested after Friday night’s attempted coup and there are fears over how they could be treated.

[The] disturbing picture shows dozens of Turkish soldiers bound together after being stripped of their uniforms following their arrest.

Dozens of soldiers lie naked and handcuffed after being arrested following Friday night’s coup attempt in Turkey.

The picture shows how the soldiers were stripped after being arrested in Sirnak, eastern Turkey.

The current leadership in Turkey is exercising brutal treatment of the “traitors.” Not only have they been stripped of their uniforms (which symbolizes their positions in the military), they are subjected to dehumanizing, humiliating treatment. It’s not unthinkable to say these men may face torture and horrible execution.

It comes after a Turkish soldier was reportedly beheaded on Istanbul’s Bosphorus Bridge by a pro-government mob yesterday.

Make no mistake, this terrible behavior on the part of the Turkish government has been going on for a long time. The global community and other European leaders blissfully ignored it; the very people who could have put pressure on Turkey to make reforms did nothing. Only know after narrowly escaping a revolution, are leaders in Europe talking.

France’s foreign minister said that the failed coup in Turkey did not give President Tayyip Erdogan a “blank cheque” to bypass democratic principles.

“We want the rule of law to work fully in Turkey,” Jean-Marc Ayrault told France 3 television.

“(The coup) is not a blank cheque for Mr Erdogan. There cannot be purges, the rule of law must work.”

But despite these sound words, it looks like Erdogan will act out in anger and revenge against the men who tried to overthrow him. No doubt the government will suppress whatever they do to the captured soldiers. We will report on what takes place, should any news get out of the country.

Source: Mirror

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