HILARIOUS: Reporters Reaction To Hillary’s Dogging Is EPIC…Has She Finally Lost The Media?

“The last time @HillaryClinton held a press conference: December 4, 2015.” That was tweeted by Republican Party headquarters, but incredibly, even liberal reporters are starting to complain about the Democratic candidate’s lack of availability.

Is it really possible that the mainstream media will turn on Hillary and help keep her from becoming the first woman president? It sounds incredible, but this election campaign has been full of surprises:

As Clinton visited House Democratic Caucus members Wednesday morning, she refused to answer questions as MSNBC reporter Kasie Hunt approached her.

When Hunt asked Clinton if she had a short list for vice presidential picks, Clinton did what she usually does, plastered on a fake smile and waved inanely.

Hunt, along with MSNBC anchor Jose Diaz-Balart began laughing at Clinton’s default position. “We tried, we tried,” Hunt said. “It’s not an uncommon thing.” (…)

The [Washington Post] described Clinton’s attitude as a “disturbing pattern for Clinton the candidate: a total lack of real interaction with the media who cover her,” adding that it is both “remarkable. And remarkably bad.”

The Washington Post is no “right wing rag” — they’re the paper that pushed the Watergate scandal, after all. Keep in mind, though, that they’re complaining that Hillary is shutting out… newspaper reporters and other media. Ultimately, the media’s favorite subject is the media, and their concern about bigger issues — like Clinton’s long record of corruption — isn’t likely to increase overnight.

Source: InfoWars

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