Priest From Hell! You Won’t Believe The SHOCKING Claims Made Against THIS Man Of The Cloth

When it comes to protecting religious freedom, the first people we look to are men of the cloth.

You would expect them, above all others, to support the faith of their followers and create a healthy environment for them to learn and grow.

This should be especially true in a private school dedicated to education and faith.

But apparently that’s not always the case.

From NY Daily News:

A stunning new lawsuit accuses a trash-talking Staten Island priest of raining a steady spew of obscenities, insults and slurs on terrified staffers at St. Joseph By The Sea High School.

Reilly “unleashed a constant stream of rude, crude and inappropriate remarks including saying the word f— in almost every sentence in some form,” according to the 12-page Manhattan Supreme Court filing.

The lawsuit charges Reilly, aided by two of his subordinates at St. Joseph By the Sea High School, created a hostile work environment, tried to fire older teachers — and practiced religious discrimination against Catholic employees.

A priest attacking Catholic employees? Shouldn’t that be the opposite of what they do?

Apparently we are getting a glimpse into a terrible and toxic environment, one ruled by an abusive dictator who harassed his employees to no end.

The staffers were forced to file a suit against the priest, as complaints made to the Archdiocese, the ones responsible for their leadership, fell on deaf ears.  It appears they were protecting Reilly and refused to remove him from his position.

“(The) rude, crude and abusive language and actions committed by Father Reilly … and condoned by the Archdiocese and Cardinal Dolan are offensive to the tenets of (plaintiffs’) religious beliefs,” the suit charged.

“These crude and vulgar statements were intended to discriminate against the plaintiffs because of their devout Roman Catholic faith.”

In an age where secular humanists and liberal groups constantly attack the religious liberties of the American public, it’s shameful to think that religious leaders are doing the same.

The very people appointed to defend our rights and nurture a group’s faith are charged with singling out the devout and destroying them.

From all accounts this is an isolated incident and not indicative of a larger problem. But it’s just sad to think these plaintiffs were forced to go to the courts to confront their religious persecutors.

Reilly and his team of cronies should be ashamed and immediately removed for their positions.

Source: NY Daily News

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