Ultra-Liberal Squeezes America For More Recount Money…Their Response Leaves Her Reeling!

So how much more stupidity are we going to have to put up with from sore-loserville of pacifier county? Somebody get the Pampers and the Boudreaux’s Butt Paste, we’ve got some diapers to change.

Is sanity ever going to come back to the minds of the liberal left, or are they going straight off the deep end into a twilight zone of never ending protests and hypocritical rants about the unfairness of elections that don’t end the way the liberals want them to?

This is our situation at this point in history because the loony left cannot deal with the reality of disappointment and are not going to rest until they’ve made life so miserable for the rest of us that we, like the parents of spoiled children, just get tired of the fussing and let them have their way.

So where do we stand on the vote recount that Green party leftist Jill Stein is so passionate about? Well, she’s collected several million dollars, up to seven at last count, and is asking for 2.5 million more.

Getting ready for the 2020 election cycle, are we Ms. Stein?  Or just making sure that you and Hillary end up with a nice, big fat nest egg to fall back on since that’s what professional politicians do now? They use their political office to give them a forum from which to scam vast amounts of money out of the system.

Twitter was buzzing like a bee hive with tweets about what a big scam the recount has been. They know it’s all about the money!

CAUTION: Video contains strong language.

 Everybody knows it’s a complete scam and yet, like Obama’s treason-riddled administration and Hillary’s unsecured email server fiasco, Stein and Clinton just keep getting away with it.

If there is any justice in the world, Clinton, Stein, Obama and the rest of the corrupt bottom feeders in the Washington DC swamp will fall and fall hard.

Source: Yes I’m Right

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