UNBELIEVABLE: SHE Didn’t Protect Americans From Hillary…But SHE Is Protecting Muslims From Americans!

As tragic as the deterioration in race relations has been in America during the Obama administration, that has certainly not been the only part of the fabric of our country that has suffered under his leadership. Tensions with Muslims have been increasing as well.

And it’s not just Mr. Obama who has injected tensions into American society.  His appointed officials have often mirrored their leader in sewing dissent and stoking tensions within the country.

Nowhere is this better illustrated than in Mr. Obama’s current attorney general.  Not only has Mrs. Lynch been derelict in prosecuting Mrs. Clinton for the myriad of profound criminal offenses she committed during her tenure as secretary of state, she has gone on tour to highlight so-called “hate crimes,” as though one person suffering from a criminal offense deserves special treatment over the victim who did not enjoy protected status.

We learn that, “Attorney General Loretta Lynch is visiting a mosque in Virginia next week amid a sharp increase in hate crimes targeting Muslims.

“Lynch is scheduled to visit the All Dulles Area Muslim Society Center in Sterling on Monday morning.”

There will be no pass given here for those who commit crimes against Muslims, or any other group for that matter.  “Equal protection under the laws” is more than just a convenient phrase.  It is the way justice must be administered.

The problem is that the Obama administration has been far more interested in using government powers to promote favored groups at the expense of everyone else.  Could this be the reason for rising tensions in America during Mr. Obama’s tenure?

With regard to Mrs. Lynch, “She will travel to New York City the following day for a discussion with gay, lesbian and transgender youth at Harvey Milk High School and to visit the Stonewall Inn and Stonewall National Monument.”

Mrs. Lynch’s travel itinerary is really not of much interest other than it’s pretty obvious which groups do and do not merit a visit from the attorney general.  Coming from an administration that purported to wish to be a unifying force in the country, this pandering to groups such as Muslim organizations seems a bit one-sided.

Well, if she’s not willing to indict and prosecute Hillary, at least she indicted herself, figuratively of course, with this remark, “We will continue to enforce our nation’s hate crimes laws to the fullest extent possible…” 

Yes, she will certainly do that, there’s no doubt there.  But would she ever promise to enforce all of our nation’s laws to the fullest extent possible?  Fairly and impartially?

Don’t bet on it. Perhaps we can just hope she spends her remaining time on the job touring America, as opposed to making policy from Washington.

Source:  Townhall

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