Undercover Video ROCKS Race…No Woman Will Support Hillary After THIS! [WATCH]

Liberals keep insisting that men and women are the same, and that “gender is a social construct.” This despite overwhelming evidence (and common sense) proving this isn’t the case.

One interesting piece of evidence has emerged to counter this worldview, and it even comes from a pretty liberal source:

The statistics blog FiveThirtyEight released two popular graphics last week, one showing what the electoral map would look like if only men could vote, and the other showing what it would look like if only women could vote. The maps looked like someone splattered red and blue paint over each respective map.

Sure enough, the “women only” map of the United States is almost entirely blue — that is, Democrat — while the “men only” map is almost 100 percent red, for Republican.

But it’s not all women who oppose Trump. In fact, if we break down demographics more, it appears to be women of color who are swaying the female vote leftward.

In other words, the divide is ethnic, not gender.

It’s sad that so many women and minorities continue to believe that the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton have their best interests at heart.

Earlier this week, Project Veritas released another damning undercover video, this time showing a Democratic Party operative explaining matter of factly that they, “use verbally abusive and antagonistic women at Trump rallies to incite a ‘bullying’ response from male Trump supporters.”

Getting “the first woman president” elected is all that matters, even if the Democrats have to use other women as decoys.

Source: Allen West

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