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United Airlines SHOCK Lie Revealed…Americans Astonished At Their Stupidity!
By Faith Braverman|April 12, 2017

If you’ve been anywhere near a computer or smartphone in the past 48 hours, you’ve likely seen the disturbing video of Dr. David Dao being violently removed from a United Airlines flight.

If you haven’t seen it:

The fall-out for the airline has been overwhelmingly negative, with many now calling for a boycott of the company. Their stock not only dropped significantly, but they are now dealing with a PR nightmare.

The sad thing is, this incident likely didn’t have to happen at all. The bloody confrontation began when United Airlines claimed it had to remove passengers because the flight had been overbooked. But was that really the case?

From The Daily Caller:

The United Airlines flight from which a passenger was forcibly removed to make room for airline employees wasn’t actually overbooked, a company spokesman told The Daily Caller, contradicting previous reports.

This revelation begs the question that if the flight wasn’t truly overbooked, why were such drastic measures taken to kick Dr. Dao off the plane?

Dao had paid for his seat and was allowed to check in and board the plane. The excuse to remove him hinged on the fact that four crew members needed seats on the plane to work for another flight.

United Airlines appears to be extremely incompetent for not realizing that there were other seats available on the plane. Many airlines use antiquated systems in an effort to cut costs, so perhaps that’s where the error occurred.

Regardless of the airline’s reasons, the video of Dr. Dao covered in blood simply for wanting to fly back to Kentucky to see his patients is an extremely sad thing to see in the land of the free.

Source: The Daily Caller

Faith Braverman
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