CNN Caves: Forced To Apologize For…

Here’s something you don’t see every day: An apology issued by a huge mainstream liberal media outlet. Too bad it doesn’t go far enough.

The reaction on social media was explosive after CNN aired a clip that made an instigator look like a peacemaker. The sister of a young felon who’d been shot by a Milwaukee police officer in self defence was seen calling on protesters to be non-violent. Except what she was really telling them was to move their violence out of the black-majority inner city and into the mostly white suburbs, as revenge.

Conservative Outfitters reports that:

Facing major backlash CNN has issued an on-air apology for editing footage of Sylville Smith’s sister. (…) CNN’s Carol Costello said she “regrets the second part of the statement was not included” in the report.

However, commenters at the website note that CNN’s apology doesn’t go far enough. After all, the CNN announcer, Ana Cabrera, made approving comments after airing the deceptively edited footage. Cabrera acted as if Smith’s sister deserved a Nobel Peace Prize.

As well, at the CNN website, their accompanying story also included selective quotations from Smith, and falsely stated that she had “condemned violence carried out in her brother’s name.”

In any case, the damage has been done. How many people saw this air apology and revised their entire view of what happened in Milwaukee? Isn’t it scary that CNN, still a cable news giant, is in essence promoting urban violence, not just the usual fake liberal narrative?

Source: Conservative Outfitters

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