It’s Happening! USexit Is Taking America By Storm…And It’s All Trump’s Fault!

Change is in the air. Donald Trump was elected president, and conservative parties in Europe are gaining in popularity. The one event that signaled this sea change is the Brexit vote, in which ordinary Englishmen chose to divorce their nation from the European Union.

Now one commentator is suggesting that this trend be harnessed and directed to one of the biggest targets of all: the United Nations.

Writing for Breitbart, Raheem Kassam presents his idea:

In his lame-duck attempt to undermine the State of Israel with a diplomatic knifing in the front, President Obama has created fertile ground for a campaign to lead the United States out of the United Nations. Or as I call it: USexit.

A Usexit (pronounced: you-sex-it) movement has rarely ever taken hold, with the last attempt to encourage such a move dying in committee in 2015. (…)

There are of course a few reasons for the U.S. to maintain the United Nations on its home turf — not least the fact that the New York-based organisation allows the U.S. to spy on almost every country in the world from the comfort of downtown Manhattan.

Kassam predicts that after many attempts over the years to distance the US from the UN, 2017 may be the year that this campaign gains more traction than every before.

The world is in the mood to knock over all these old “liberal” establishment idols like the EU and the United Nations. Donald Trump should take advantage of this momentum and support any measures to decrease US funding to the UN, if not cut it off completely.

He’s already tweeted his desire to see the UN headquarters in New York City turned into condos. They say it could never happen, but they also said Trump could never get elected president.

Source: Breitbart

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