VEEPSTAKES: New Poll Finds SURPRISE Pick For Trump’s Running Mate That Will Have You Cheering!

There has been a lot of speculation about who Donald Trump will select as his running mate.

Traditionally, the veep slot goes to someone who compliments the nominee…delivers an important state, appeals to a demographic or ideology group, or offers support on an issue or characteristic on which the nominee is seen as weak.

In Donald Trump’s case, someone with government executive experience would calm many concerns while a woman or a Latino would help him make inroads among those demographics where he is seen as particularly weak.

HotAir, one of the cornerstones of conservative media, asked its readers what they thought and the results are really interesting. They first asked respondants to measure their support for Trump and then asked them who he should run with…

Hot Air readers took part in a Survey Monkey reader poll this week about Trump’s veepstakes decision. We received 2,688 responses, and some very interesting results. First, the plurality of respondents are solid Trump supporters (32.9%), and another 21.4% are “somewhat supportive” of Trump, forming a majority of 54.3%. Only 16.5% were Team #NeverTrump, while 23.4% were, as my colleague Allahpundit puts it, #SkepticalofTrump. That puts the Trump opposition at roughly 40%, with just over 5% non-committal about his nomination.

Among those most committed to Trump, Newt Gingrich narrowly edges out New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez. Among the #nevertrump crowd, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley narrowly edges out Martinez. When you factor in all respondents, it’s Martinez that proves the most popular. A popular Latina two-term governor from a blue state? We like it, we like it a lot!

Check out the whole story and the poll results at HotAir. It’s well worth the read.

Source: HotAir

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