Veteran Confronts Thugs Stomping US Flag…What Happens Next Is INTENSE [VIDEO]

In the age of “the offended victim” there are few institutions that are sacred anymore.

There was once a time when the burning of an American flag was so shocking that when a man tried to burn one during an MLB game the cameras turned away. Now any “community organizer”, rabble rouser, or activist worth their salt has to light one up.

Unfortunately for our great nation’s dignity, the rioters in Ferguson are no different. On the one year anniversary of Michael Brown’s death in Ferguson, MO, we got another demonstration of the lack of respect that these protesters have for our nations symbol. [VIDEO BELOW]

You can hear the protesters shouting some pretty terrible things too. They claim they are “ready for war.”

I have known people who have bled and died in our nation’s uniform. I have seen people changed forever by the realities and horrors of war. They may think they know what war is but I guarantee you that they don’t.

If they lived in some other part of the world, somewhere where people really are at war in their own country, where people really are dying in the street, or where a secret police hunts and tortures dissenters, you can believe that these fakers would not last long.

I suppose that it all comes down to just how well America’s armed forces have done at protecting our people. The evil is missing from their lives. They have been so safe and secure that their “base” of what good and evil are is completely off.

If they are so ready for war, maybe they should head off to the local recruiting station and learn how to fight. Then they can go see what evil is as they fight to protect others from it.

Luckily for them there are silent professionals all over the world seeing to it that the flag they salute can still be burned in safety by those who hardly deserve to hold it.

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