Veteran Hangs A Trump Portrait At The VA…The Hospital’s Next Move Has Americans OUTRAGED

This country owes a debt to our veterans that can never fully be repaid. Their service and sacrifice to preserve our freedoms has sadly been overlooked by much of America, including by former president Obama.

The VA scandal that rocked the Obama administration showed that our veterans were being hung out to dry by a government choked by inefficiency and corruption.

Long wait times led to the deaths of many former servicemen, while Obama attempted to avoid all blame for the matter.

One man who refuses to forget the contributions of our soldiers is President Donald Trump. From the beginning he sought to make the plight of veterans a priority, and gained massive support for doing so.

However, it seems there are some in the VA who aren’t Trump fans.

A VA hospital in South Florida has failed to display photos of the President in its building. After veterans complained to Rep. Brian Mast (R-FL), himself a combat veteran that lost both legs, Mast came down to personally help hang up photos of the President and VA Secretary David Shulkin.

Hours later, someone removed the photos.

The VA has attempted to downplay the move, stating they’re awaiting “official photos” before hanging anything up.

But Rep. Mast and other veterans aren’t buying it.

From The Daily Wire:

“There are VA unions that campaigned heavily against President Trump,” Mast said. “The VA union in my own VA hospital that we’re talking about right now, you can go on their Facebook page; see the things they put up against President Trump, absolutely this plays a role in it.

“The reality is that the VA does not belong to the employees. The VA belongs to the veterans.”

One veteran weighed in:

The VA unions hate Trump because he is threatening their power structure. He has vowed to fire incompetent and dishonest Department of Veterans Affairs employees as well as expand a program which would allow veterans to get private care.

The VA’s personal vendetta against Trump places their own union interests before the interests of the veterans.

Trump’s promise to drain the swamp will directly affect them and their devious attempts to get rich off the backs of those that defended this country.

The South Florida VA hacks can try to remove Trump’s photo from their buildings, but the President’s policies are still coming for their jobs.

Source: The Daily Wire

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