Shooting Victim’s Son SPEAKS…Obama HUMILIATED – BAM!

On those rare occasions (and they ARE statistically rare) when police shoot and kill an African-American citizen, activists and the media rush to portray the victim in the best light possible. Sometimes this portrayal is accurate, but not always. When the victim turns out to have a lengthy arrest record, disobeys police orders or is engaged in criminal activity at the time of the shooting, progressives do their best to hide these details.

Alton Sterling was armed last week when he struggled with police officers, who’d responded to a complaint that he’d been threatening a man with his gun. After his death, the usual full court press declared Sterling a saint. Naturally, Sterling’s son also sees his late father in the best possible light, but he also just said some things that will undermine the carefully constructed left-wing narrative.

The Political Insider reports:

First [Cameron Sterling] told CBS News that not all police officers are “bad,” adding that while “there are some that are bad, but all aren’t bad.” He also said that “all police shouldn’t be punished for other police’s crimes.”

And the five Dallas officers who lost their lives didn’t deserve to be gunned down “because nobody knew if they had kids to go home to,” Cameron Sterling added to the network. “Those kids need their parents.”

“What I want, what I ask if you truly love my father, I truly just want everyone to protest the right way — protesting in peace. Not in violence,” the teenager added.

Words of wisdom from a young man under the most horrific circumstances. What excuses to the media, liberal politicians and protesters have for indulging in the worst kind of incitement?

Source: The Political Insider

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