Look What Victims Were Singing Before Rampage Began—Now Millions Of Americans Sing With Them In Unity

A lot has already been said about the terrible shooting in Las Vegas last Sunday. And I’m guessing much more will be said in the coming days and weeks.

Through all the complaining, political grandstanding, and pointless bickering coming from the left, they ignore something very important that happened—right before the shooting.

A single moment illustrated the character of the people gathered. It showcased just who they were and will continue to be—despite attacks from vile people.

From Mad World News:

Most people at the country music festival on Sunday night in Las Vegas were there to see the headliner, Jason Aldean, but there was a slew of performers who got the crowd pumped up and kept them entertained throughout the event.

Of those groups was a well-known duo named Big & Rich, who were on stage for a brief moment, and now, they’re showing a chilling video, released to Twitter, depicting what happened just moments before the shooting. As it turns out, the band decided to take part in a celebration of sorts with the audience by singing “God Bless America…”

As can be seen in the video, there was a tremendous amount of unity and patriotism flowing through the crowd at that moment – and it’s only gotten stronger since the shooting. In all, 59 people have been left dead and well over 500 more were injured during the ensuing chaos, but we’re seeing something that the left would rather have you ignore.

During times of tragedy and disaster, the left still seem obsessed with driving us apart. They want to use crisis to push their toxic ideas. They point fingers at people who are not to blame, even the victims.

But even a terrible event like this can give us something to cheer for. Moments before the attack, these folk were singing about the country they loved. That loyalty and patriotism carried through, even during those moments of terror. Americans came together to protect and help each other, when disaster stuck.

That’s the character of the real America. Liberals and the mainstream media will ignore it, to focus on the bad. But we won’t. We will spread the word, no matter what.

Source: Mad World News

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