BOOM: Herman Cain Slams Media, Left For This VICIOUS Lie About Donald Trump…EPIC Truth Bomb!

Someone once joked that “a ‘racist’ is someone who is winning an argument with a liberal.”

No doubt there are real bigots in the world, and always will be, but leftists have thrown this insult around so long that, ironically, the word “racist” has almost no meaning left.

Still, it’s an accusation with the power to destroy careers and lives. Those who get called “racist” may or may not choose to fight back, but it’s often more effective when someone else comes to their defense.

Conservative Tribune has the story:

Trump held a campaign rally Wednesday afternoon in Atlanta, Georgia, a city that has certainly known it’s share of real racism over the decades.

Joining him at the rally was Georgia native and successful black businessman Herman Cain, an outspoken Trump surrogate who introduced his friend to the boisterous crowd ahead of his speech.

“There’s a lot of lies out there,” Cain stated. “Allow me to set the record straight, about one of the biggest lies out there about Donald Trump, and I hope the liberals and liberal media is listening.”

“Donald Trump is not a racist,” he proclaimed forcefully. “I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. I know what a racist looks like when I see one, and Donald Trump is not a racist.”

For defending Trump, Cain will be dismissed by the left as “an Uncle Tom.” Of course, that phrase itself is truly racist, but at this point, leftists seem incapable of seeing the irony.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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