Vote Fraud EXPOSED: MASSIVE Mail-In Ballot Swindle Could Turn This Red State Blue!

Allegations of voter fraud are coming in from across America. Undercover videos purportedly show Democratic insiders bragging about manipulating the electoral system in New York City and elsewhere, for example.

A new report by the Fort Worth, Texas Star-Telegram reveals that an investigation is underway in Tarrant County, focuses on the legitimacy of mail-in ballots.

Anna M. Tinsley reports:

Supporters have long said mail-in balloting is crucial for overseas residents, the military and senior citizens. Critics maintain that such voting is ripe for abuse and raises concerns about “vote harvesting,” in which people could fill out and return other people’s ballots. (…)

At issue is how often people may assist others — or physically help by witnessing — with filling out applications for mail-in ballots or the ballots themselves.

It is unlikely that mail-in ballots could be eliminated entirely as long as military service members, senior citizens and others with limited mobility rely on an alternative to going to the polls.

Perhaps a secure computerized method could one day be developed, predicated on the rise of the next, more computer savvy, generation.

Regardless, with the election less than a month away, legal challenges to alleged cases of voter fraud are unlikely to be settled in time, and corruption will continue to haunt the race between Clinton and Trump.

Source: Star-Telegram

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