BREAKING: Voters Just Handed The Socialists A MASSIVE Loss…Common Sense WINS!

When Switzerland rejects an expansion of the welfare state, maybe “progressives” everywhere, including America, should take it as a hint.

The latest item on the leftist wish list is a “guaranteed basic income.” Under such a scheme, every citizen receives a set amount of (taxpayer) money every year. In theory, all existing forms of welfare (and the costly bureaucracy that goes with it) would be eliminated at the same time. In practice, it would increase bureaucracy, and foster laziness, resentment and higher taxes on those footing the bill.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reports that the Swiss people voted down the adoption of such a program yesterday, and the results weren’t even close:

The plan could have seen people in this wealthy nation of eight million people receive about 2,500 Swiss francs ($3,315 Cdn) per month — enough to cover their basic needs.

Proponents argued that a basic income would free people from meaningless toil and allow them to pursue more productive or creative goals in life. Critics said the plan would explode the state budget and encourage idleness, arguments that appear to have convinced voters.

Based on a partial count of results from 19 Swiss cantons (states), the gfs.bern polling group calculated that 78 per cent of voters opposed the measure.

The Swiss government itself advised voters to reject the proposal put forward by left-wing campaigners who collected the necessary 100,000 signatures to force a vote on the issue.

If you think leftists in the U.S. will drop this new cause, don’t count on it. They are relentless. Many “progressive” programs and policies we’re now forced to live under started out as insane utopian pipe dreams that, “Americans would never go along with…”


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