WaPo Strikes AGAIN…DESTROYS Hillary In Brutal Take-Down!

Hillary Clinton is criss-crossing the country making a lot of pie-in-the-sky promises about what she will do as president.

Of course we know that it is all malarkey, but the lap dog press that won’t even ask the most basic questions about the obviously professional hit on the DNC Wikileaker, has been letting it pass as they openly root for her.

Amazingly, one mainstream, left-wing outfit seems to be running out of patience with her B.S.

The Washington Post has been increasingly critical of Clinton in recent days and they seem like they are completely fed up with it at this point.

In a rare display of journalism, WaPo takes apart Clinton’s claims with a chainsaw!

We strongly encourage everyone to read the whole piece at the link below (let’s reward the media when they actually media), but here are the 7 top line reasons that her economic agenda is complete rubbish…

1. Republicans are almost certain to hold the House. The tea party wing might actually wind up with more leverage, not less, after November.

2. Even in the very best case scenario for Democrats, they will wind up with no more than 53 or 54 Senate seats.

3. Many Republicans will insist Clinton has no mandate to govern. They will try constantly to delegitimize her and do everything in their power to make sure she’s a one-term president.

4. As soon as this election is over, Democrats must turn their attention to protecting vulnerable incumbents in 2018.

5. Trump and Clinton are both talking a lot about “investing in infrastructure.” But there’s very little appetite in the Republican conference for this sort of spending — especially without cuts elsewhere.

6. Congress could not even pass a relatively small, emergency appropriation to fight the Zika virus after Republicans attached poison-pill riders.

7. Bigger picture, and perhaps most importantly, a new president will not be able to break the gridlock that grips Washington without systemic change.

Source: Washington Post

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