Washington Post Tries To Bury The Lead In THEIR OWN Poll…Guess Why?

For months, Trump supporters have been told by “experts” that their candidate couldn’t possibly defeat Hillary Clinton in November’s general election.

Many reasons are offered: It’s “time” for the first female president, just like it was “time” to elect the first African-American, in the form of Barack Obama, eight years ago.

Others say “The Donald” is despised by women, blacks and Latino voters.

However, recent polls say otherwise.

Although they show Trump with only a marginal lead ahead of Clinton, there is more to those numbers than meets the eye.

According to the Washington Examiner:

It’s not the headline, and it takes 219 words to get there, but a new Washington Post poll on the presidential race reveals that Republican Donald Trump leads Democrat Hillary Clinton among registered voters 46 percent to 44 percent.

Inside the Post’s story about the poll is this paragraph:

“At this point, the two candidates are in a statistical dead heat among registered voters, with Trump favored by 46 percent and Clinton favored by 44 percent. That represents an 11-point shift toward the presumptive Republican nominee since March. Among all adults, Clinton holds a six-point lead (48 percent to 42 percent), down from 18 points in March.”

According to this data, Trump, not Clinton, is the candidate with momentum.

An 11-point shift during 60-day period in which Trump has continued to do and say things that allegedly “prove he is unelectable,” while being parodied and mocked virtually non-stop by the liberal elite media, is impressive to say the least.

No wonder the Washington Post tried to bury that part!

Credit: WashingtonExaminer.com

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