BOMBSHELL: One State Just Declared War On Trump…This Is Shameless!

With the historic win of Donald Trump to the White House and the GOP majority within both houses of Congress, the democrats are in a bad place.

Eight years of bad leadership have left our country worse off that it was before. The democrat’s liberal and Socialist ideology has only made us weaker and less progressive.

So you’d think after such a crushing defeat, the democrats would reevaluate their platform. They’d have to take an honest look at how they’ve been conducting themselves, especially at the top. They would need to root out the corruption that has plagued their party and return to capitalism, freedom, and traditional American values.

If they don’t, they are poised to alienate whatever supporters they have left.

It seems, though, that they refuse to learn this lesson.

From Town Hall:

The longtime Democratic congressman slated to become California’s next attorney general immediately took a combative stance against Republican President-elect Donald Trump’s incoming administration after being named to the post Thursday, promising to defend the state’s liberal stances on recreational marijuana, climate change, health care, immigration and criminal justice.

“If you want to take on a forward-leaning state that is prepared to defend its rights and interests, then come at us,” U.S. Rep. Xavier Becerra said hours after he was appointed by Gov. Jerry Brown.


You can say that California is the poster child for radical, liberal ideology. Though they’ve been suffering economic challenges for years, they refuse to reform their leadership and elect intelligent, conservative congressmen.

Instead they are leading the charge against Trump. Refusing to acknowledge the massive flaws in their platform, they are intent on going down with the ship.

What do they think they will get from openly opposing the President? Do they think they will continue to receive federal funding and support when they defy his stance on immigration, health care, criminal justice, and terrorism?

We’re already seeing the powerful impact Donald Trump is having on our country, as companies that planned to move factories out of America have changed their minds. Trump’s strong leadership will go a long way into strengthening our country.

You can expect a hard time coming to California in the coming years, as their significantly liberal leadership tries to undermine Trump. What they will only do is make the state a terrible place to live for the millions of Americans there, as they will lose support and influence in the federal government.

Soon, California citizens will be clamoring for a change.

Source: Town Hall

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