WOW – Washington Post Makes SHOCK Admission…These Pro-Hillary Polls Are TOTALLY…

You wouldn’t expect a mainstream liberal rag like the Washington Post to counter-message their friends in the D.C. beltway cocktail circuit, but apparently there is a point of absurdity where their tiny flecks of professional integrity kick in and they have to admit that there are real problems with the story that CNN and the New York Times are trying to shove down America’s throat.

While not exactly a glowing endorsement of Trump nor a very harsh take-down of Clinton, the Washington Post does an admirable job of pointing out that the mainstream media narrative and the polls that support that narrative are complete horse hockey.

The whole piece is well worth a read, but the three factors that the Post keys in on are worth noting…

— There is no real evidence that Republicans in the general public are defecting en masse.

— Clinton, like Trump, is historically unpopular.

The long-term trend of rising negative partisanship makes it nearly impossible for Clinton to win in a landslide.

Another thing that the Post doesn’t point out is that the primary polls tended to under-report Trump’s support on election day by about 5%. Factor that in and this race is well within the margin of error!

Source: Washington Post

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