WATCH As A Vet Explains He Support For Trump…His Reason Will Move You

It’s an ongoing and tragic reality that many American veterans are living in terrible conditions.

Men and women who served our country can’t get the medical attention they need, have trouble finding jobs, or are even homeless.  It’s enough to make any American outraged, especially fellow veterans.

In a recent interview outside a Trump rally, a serviceman expresses his support for Donald Trump.

One of Trump main priorities in his announcement as a candidate was to support our military and former military.

Watch how one of their number shares his belief that a President Trump will not only help our economy, but treat our veterans will the respect and support the deserve.

It’s a moving piece of footage.  Knowing how hard our veterans have it, how can you not get emotional?

Regardless of the candidate you support, you cannot deny the imperative to help our servicemen and women.  It is a long-neglected issue.  One that can no longer be ignored.

Check out the full video below.  Let us know your thoughts on the matter.  What should the next President do to help our veterans?  Do you have any family that served our country and now need help?

Now is the time to make your voice heard.

Source: YouTube

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