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Watch This Cop Charge Into Action When He Spots A Tiny Body Floating In The Lake
By Kay Johnson|May 4, 2017

When police officers began wearing body cameras, the main goal was to record criminal activity in real time so that officers could have evidence to show in court.

But these cameras have served other purposes as well. They provide complete transparency, where everyone can see what happens between officers and citizens

They also capture the amazing acts of courage our nation’s police officers perform for innocent civilians when no one’s watching.

This was the case recently in Topeka, Kansas when an officer was out searching for suspects.

While doing his job, he happened upon a dramatic situation that called for him to go above and beyond the call of duty.

From IJ Review:

Officer Aaron Bulmer was in the area near the Central Park Community Center when he spotted a small child close to the pond. The boy toppled into the water as the officer walked towards him.

Officer Bulmer went into action to save the four-year-old boy as he quickly went underwater.

The body cam footage captured the officer diving into the water and scooping the child up as the boy fights to lift his head out of the water.


The little boy was later taken to the hospital, but suffered no serious injuries thanks to the officer’s quick thinking.

Topeka Police Department explained that the child in the video has autism, and that he was drawn away from his parents towards the pond because of his condition. They also praised Officer Bulmer, saying he was “in the right place at the right time to save a young life.”

Officer Bulmer truly acted as this child’s guardian angel, and lived up to the policeman’s motto to protect and to serve.

But since this video shows an officer’s heroism and bravery, the liberal media will likely not even cover it.

Be sure to share this video so that everyone can see why Blue Lives Matter!

Source: IJ Review

Kay Johnson
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