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Watch How Cops Respond After Liberal ‘Protesters’ Attack Them With Flaming Dragon
By Faith Braverman|May 2, 2017

Liberal lunatics are not only running amok on the college campuses of America.

Across the globe, civil unrest between conservatives and liberals, or protesters and police, has been fanned into a flame that’s causing chaos in the streets.

Now those flames have spread to France as scores of clashes break out. The country’s presidential election has been heating up in recent days, and those opposed to far-right candidate Marine Le Pen are becoming increasingly violent.

Funny how it’s always those on the left that are instigating these physical attacks, isn’t it?

But the protesters glorifying communism during France’s May Day celebrations took their demonstrations much too far as they unleashed hell on French police during what can only be described as a riot.

From The Daily Caller:

French May Day protesters set at least two French policemen on fire in Paris Monday, six days before a contested presidential election.

Scores of hooded youths threw Molotov cocktails at police during the rally, forcing police to respond with tear gas and batons, according to a Boston Globe report. The two policemen reportedly sustained injuries.

A video from the rally shows protesters pushing a wheeled flaming dragon effigy at police.


If this type of act occurred during a protest in America, our country’s police force could have opened fire and been justified in doing so.

Molotov cocktails are a chemical weapon, and as such are classified as weapons of mass destruction.

The throwing of Molotov cocktails at the police is attempted murder, and French police could have responded in a swift and deadly manner.

Sadly, French police are often forced to use a level of restraint that causes them to endanger not only their lives but the lives of French citizens.

The Charlie Hedbo massacre of 2015 is a prime example of this. When the French satirical newspaper drew offensive pictures of Mohammad, radical Muslims sought out the paper’s employees and killed them, along with the police attempting to stop them.

The unarmed French authorities were no match for the gun wielding terrorists, and 12 people died as a result.

With the unrest in France reaching a new fever pitch, let’s hope the behavior of these thugs brings out more votes for Le Pen.

Vive le France!

Source: The Daily Caller

Faith Braverman
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