WATCH: Fox News Redeems Itself…Thanks To Tucker Carlson’s SCATHING Interviews!

This year should have been Fox News’ time to shine. But while their ratings remained strong, the channel lost a lot of the credibility and trust they’d had with conservative Americans when it wasn’t so welcoming to Donald Trump.

Just when a lot of folks had vowed to tune out Fox for good, they brought on a new host who is single-handedly winning viewers back.

In some ways, Tucker Carlson isn’t “new.” He’s a familiar face as a conservative media personality, but the consensus is that he’s finally hit his stride on his Fox News show.

Virginia Kruta reports on an example at Independent Journal Review:

Just two days before Donald Trump reportedly asked Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions to take the post of Attorney General in the fast-approaching Trump Administration, Roll Call’s Jonathan Allen wrote an opinion piece explaining why Senator Sessions was “unfit” for federal office.

Allen cited several debunked allegations of racial insensitivity (…)

But Tucker Carlson wasn’t taking anything on “say-so,” and when he invited the journalist to his Fox News show, he forced Allen to defend the statements he had written just a few days earlier:

“This has to be one of the most unfair things I think I’ve ever read. I mean, it’s almost like a pure download from the DNC website.”

Carlson continued to pound away at Allen, for trying to use “guilt by association” to smear Sessions, and not being a journalist so much as, as Carlson put it, a “water carrier” for Democratic Party talking points.

Carlson is on his way to becoming Fox’s breakout star. Tune in to his 7 p.m. show to see who he goes after next.

Credit: Independent Journal Review

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