Watch What Happens When A Black Girl Gets In The Way WHILE Hillary Is Breaking The Law

Politicians are famous for making big statements they have no intention of backing up.  This is especially true of long-time elitist Hillary Clinton, whose ego and notoriety is more important to her than everyday people.

In a recently overblown and pointless photo-op, the Presidential hopeful frustrated thousands of New Yorker’s as she stumbled her way through the subway.

Hey, Hillary, here’s a tip: if you want to ingratiate yourself with New Yorker’s, DON’T MAKE THEM LATE FOR WORK.

It gets more ridiculous than that.  Despite the fact that she claims to be for the people, especially woman and African Americans, she’s not above allowing her staff to push a young black girl out of the way so she can get on the train.

Thankfully we have Twitter to hold the politician accountable.  Watch the video below and see the pompous senator ignore a young girl as her goons push her out of the way, so Her Majesty can clamber aboard the train, like a normal person.  I’m sure that this pointless photo-op circulated all over her Facebook page, so dummies in other states can salivate over her amazing feat of commonness.

“Move peasant! Her highness wishes to pass.”

Gee, I’d like to think if it was Obama getting on that train, he would have happily let the girl get on first.

Despite all his faults, the President had a knack for noticing people and showing them respect.  Not so with the former first-lady, who is so out of touch with normal people, she didn’t even know how to use a Metrocard.

How far we have fallen in eight years.  Is this all the Democrats can muster up to replace Obama?  A pompous old white lady who ignores children?

Oh and let’s not forget that campaigning in the NY subways in illegal.  Maybe Clinton will get pinched for that.  Probably not.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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