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Watch Nancy Pelosi BABBLE On Live TV…Slurred Chinese Joke Stuns The WORLD!
By Faith Braverman|May 12, 2017

Does Nancy Pelosi have Alzheimer’s? The evidence is certainly mounting.

The 77-year-old Minority Leader of the House has never taken well to public speaking, but lately she has sounded downright off her rocker.

Pelosi recently gave a speech to Refugees International in which she slurred several basic words, including “recognition”, “voice”, and “fleeing.”

Now a new speech is making its rounds on the internet, and it is only further solidifying Pelosi’s place as America’s dumbest liberal.

Watch for yourself and decide what is causing Pelosi to be so stunningly incoherent. Is it booze? Dementia? Incontinence? Botox poisoning? No one can seem to say.

From The Daily Mirror:

While leading a Congressional delegation to visit the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala, North India on Tuesday, the House Minority Leader was seen stuttering, repeating words, calling China “Tina,” and telling a joke that garnered laughs only from the Americans.

It’s no wonder that Pelosi’s ranting are completely incoherent. She’s merely representing the mindless liberal Democrats from California who voted her into office.

Pelosi’s district in California encompasses all of San Francisco, a city who has recently been in the news for giving 300 cars to illegal immigrants as well as being a hub for drug trafficking and gang violence.

Maybe Pelosi should focus on matters at home before going off to other countries and embarrassing the rest of America.

Nancy, the retirement home is calling your name. It’s not too late to start doing Life Alert commercials!

Source: The Daily Mirror

Faith Braverman
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