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Watch This Neo-Nazi Liberal Terrorize Republicans Until They Give ‘Her’ The PERFECT Response
By Faith Braverman|April 24, 2017

Many children grow up hearing the classic fairytale The Emperor’s New Clothes. In it, an emperor is told by two con-men that they have woven him a suit of such fine cloth that only those who are smart and fit for their positions can see it.

In reality, they have woven nothing, but the emperor plays along and says the suit is exquisite out of fear of being seen as incompetent.

The two con-men run off with the emperor’s gold as he parades naked down the street. Only a child is unafraid to speak the truth, and reveals the emperor is wearing no clothes.

It’s a parable about how one should always stand for honesty, even when others refuse to see it.

Modern day liberals clearly didn’t get the moral of the story. Unsurprising, given they have no morals.

The left are terrified to say what’s true out of fear of going against popular opinion, but conservatives have always been fearless in defending what’s right.

The video below is the PERFECT example of the liberal vs. conservative mindset.

Trigger warning: you’re about to see someone get triggered!


The confrontation begins when a young man rips up a Young Republicans sign at Berkeley. The student group tells the orange-haired weirdo to, “Chill man.” That’s when the snowflake explodes.

Apparently the young conservatives had committed the grave sin of assuming the young man’s gender. The denim vested warrior screams at them, “I’m a woman!”

Despite his deep voice and mannish build, liberals have been feeding his delusions that he’s a woman to the point that he’s actually screaming it in public. While some would be afraid to disagree with the man out of fear of being seen as a bigot, the Young Republicans fearlessly confront the individual, just like the child who outed the emperor.

The conservative students challenge the young man to a war of words, which he quickly loses.

At one point a student turns the tables and says, “You’re oppressing a person of color right now.”

Looking increasingly uncomfortable, the young man eventually waddles away, knowing there are just some people who will always be able to see right through you.

Source: Chicks On The Right

Faith Braverman
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