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Watch This Olympic Champion PRAISE North Korea For Starving Its People – And Then Explain Why
By Faith Braverman|April 20, 2017

One thing to learn in life is that a big fancy title does not equal intelligence, or even common sense.

Two-time Olympic medalist James Cracknell displayed this profoundly during a recent interview with Sky News in England.

One would assume that this renowned athlete would have keen insight into issues related to public health, along with a viable solution or two.

Apparently Cracknell believes North Korea is doing a great job in one key area of health: obesity.

Evidently we in the West have been avoiding the most effective public health tool to control obesity: mass starvation.

If you can make it through the video below without cringing, you might deserve an Olympic medal yourself.


From The Daily Wire:

“If you think of the two countries of the world that have got a handle on obesity, what do you think they are? Which two countries?” he asked. 

“North Korea and Cuba,” said Cracknell, answering his own question. “See they are quite controlling on behavioral change … you have to get people to buy into it.” 

After the hosts realized the rowing champion wasn’t joking, a panelist interjected, “Well, people are starving in North Korea, aren’t they? They’re not obese because they haven’t got any food.” 

“Exactly,” replied Cracknell, “but there were sanctions and everything else … the example is, it’s behavioral change.” 

Ohh, so that’s my problem losing weight. It’s not that I lack the discipline to avoid tasty snacks. It’s because there’s no government to prevent me from overeating by eliminating the supply of food, and no labor camps to keep me in physical shape.

The real punchline is that this guy is running on a Conservative ticket in 2020. Apparently top-down statism is the new free market.

With statements like this, Cracknell is proving he’s about as conservative as Joseph Stalin.

The embarrassed former athlete attempted to walk back his comments after receiving a ton of negative backlash on social media, claiming that he tried to make a point that “came out badly.”

Praising ruthless dictators like Kim Jong Un and Raul Castro for having a “handle on obesity” is more than simply making a point badly. It has to be the dumbest comment anyone has said so far this year.

Source: The Daily Wire

Faith Braverman
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