Watch: Racist Thugs Destroy Pro-Trump Display…The Reason Will Make You FURIOUS

Movements like “Black Lives Matter” have gained traction in recent years, spurred on by the notion that racism and hate still exist in this country and need to stop.

They have empowered many groups to take a stand against perceived injustices, and the media world has been listening.

But what happens when these same activists become the abusers?

Is racism only racism when it affects black Americans, or can it go both ways?

Those are the questions people are asking after a recent confrontation on the Tulane University campus in New Orleans.

A group of students from Kappa Alpha fraternity decided to show their support for Donald Trump by building a sandbag wall. They spray painted “Make America Great Again” on it. That was it. No demeaning slurs. No racist or bigoted remarks. Just a positive statement about our country.

But watch how a group of black students reacted, as reported in Conservative Tribune:

It didn’t take long for football players from the university’s team to make their way to the frat house and begin to tear the wall apart, even as those living in the house asked them to stop touching their property.

This is a prime example of how one group of people believes they are entitled to live by a different set of rules than the rest of society.

If a group of black students had built a wall or some other structure to show their support for Malcolm X and a group of white football players began to tear it down, they and the media would have immediately cried racism. However, because the wall had something to do with Trump, it’s apparently OK to destroy.

Keep in mind the students were simply expressing their beliefs. There was no malice or harm in what they were doing. Yet because the black students disagreed with the sentiment, they felt entitled to destroy someone else’s property.

How can this kind of behavior be tolerated?

Should African-Americans be allowed to act however they want, so long as they disagree with white people?

This wasn’t a Klan rally. These students weren’t racists. But they were still treated like criminals because they were white and had the audacity to express an opinion.

Watch the full video below. It’s shocking and unacceptable.

What would you do if you were at that campus? Will we ever have a society that respects all races without creating imbalances?

Source: Conservative Tribune

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