WATCH: RNC Slams Hillary In EPIC Takedown! New Video Has The Clintons FURIOUS…

We’ve tried for a long time to make sense of Hillary’s statements regarding her private email server. We know it was against federal rules and significantly unprotected. We’ve seen how hackers accessed the email server, exposing sensitive documents to dangerous people.

We know that FBI Director Comey clearly contradicted every word Hillary has said on the matter, when he announced that she sent numerous classified and Top Secret documents on her illegal, unsecure server.

All the while she has lied about what she sent. Then she lied about what she said. Then she lied about the lying.

It’s getting so that we can’t even tell if she ever told the truth. A new video, however, can help us understand just what is going on.

From Sean Hannity:

Statements made by Hillary Clinton are once again coming under scrutiny as the United States Department of State has revealed that the FBI uncovered close to 15,000 new emails that she failed to disclose to the government. Clinton had previously claimed that she turned over all relevant emails in December of 2014.

In addition to the revelation that Clinton withheld emails, the Democratic nominee’s insistence that she chose to use a private email account after a recommendation from former Secretary of State Colin Powell is also being contradicted…by Colin Powell himself!

It’s shocking to think that Hillary Clinton is trying to get away with so many lies. Has there ever been a presidential candidate so dishonest? Even Nixon–who was taken down thanks to some dishonest tactics–told the truth most of the time. Yet here we have a major contender for the White House, whose words are regularly being contradicted by the facts.

Should Hillary Clinton become the next president, I don’t think the country will ever recover.

Source: Sean Hannity

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