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WATCH: This Southwest Pilot Just Surprised His Millionth Passenger With 2 AMAZING Gifts
By Faith Braverman|May 14, 2017

Amidst all the negative news coming from America’s airline industry, this next story is sure to melt your heart, as well as convince you to fly Southwest!

Captain John Richie is an Air Force veteran, who flew F-16’s in his service days “as a combat pilot and as a test pilot.”

Since retiring from the military twenty-two years ago, the brave veteran has been flying the skies for Southwest Airlines.

His job transporting Americans safely to their destinations clearly means a great deal to Captain Richie, and in a touching gesture he announced on the plane’s intercom that he had a surprise in store for one very special guest.

The lucky recipient just happened to be his one millionth passenger!


Besides presenting the woman with a bottle of champagne, the captain said he, “did a little snooping and found out how much you paid for your ticket.”

The captain presented the passenger with the bottle of bubbly and an envelope full of cash – with money from his own pocket.

I was scheduled to fly DEN to PIT this Sat, my Capt arrives and tells me in the past 21 years he's worked here at SWA, he's kept track of all the passengers he's transported and turns out his 1 MILLIONTH (!!!!) passenger is on this flight. He arranged to have champagne, planned on making an announcement, and found out exactly who his 1 millionth passenger was and then if that wasn't enough, he figured out exactly how much she paid for her ticket….put that much (out of his OWN pocket!) in an envelope and presented it to her. I am so incredibly proud and humbled to be able to "work" for this amazing LUVing airline. Captain John Charles Ritchie, you, sir, are the epitome of everything Southwest stands for and continues to even though we've grown so incredibly much over these past 45 (+) years. Without a heart, it's just a machine!! ❤💙💛 More pictures in comments…

Posted by Jennifer Todd on Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The millionth customer looked absolutely over the moon to be honored in such a way, and the entire cabin applauded and smiled at the beautiful display of appreciation.

Flight attendant Jennifer Todd recorded and posted the video to her Facebook page, where it has now received over 2 million views!

Her video is also filled with glowing reviews from passengers about the incredible service Southwest Airlines provides.

“I’ve never had one bad experience flying SWA. I’ve always seen them treat people with respect and they do everything within their powers to make sure that their customers have a wonderful flight experience. That is the reason I will not fly any other airline if it is up to me,” commented Ryan Gustafson.

Take note American Airlines, this is what customer service looks like!

Source: CBS DFW

Faith Braverman
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