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Watch What This Trump Biker Does When Antifa Liberal Tries To Burn American Flag
By Kay Johnson|May 3, 2017

The first amendment is a glorious testament to the principles that founded this country. In America, no government is allowed to dictate what you can and cannot say.

Unfortunately, liberals have been degrading the very flag which stands for their right to freedom of expression.

Famed country music singer Johnny Cash once said, “I thank God for all the freedoms we’ve got in this county. I cherish them. Even the rights to burn the flag, you know, I’m proud of those rights. But I’ll tell you what. We’ve also got a right to bear arms, and if you burn my flag I’ll shoot you.”

Bikers at a rally in Oregon didn’t resort to exercising their second amendment rights, but when liberal protesters began burning the American flag, the Trump supporters had no choice but to intervene.

From Conservative Tribune:

One of the bikers grabbed the still-burning flag from the transgender protester before it could be destroyed. The antifa group exchanged harsh words with the Trump supporters, but it quickly became apparent that their leftist bark was worse than their bite.

To their credit, the large bikers kept cool heads during the incident and stood their ground while socialists wearing masks screamed obscenities.

In typical leftist cowardice, the protestors in the video had their faces covered. If their cause is so just, why are they hiding their identities?

It’s because owning up to their side’s acts of violence against nonviolent Trump supporters is too much of a burden to bear.

Instead, concealing their faces allows them to wreak havoc with impunity, as police officers in liberal states like California, Washington and Oregon are failing to stop leftist acts of violence during these demonstrations.

But as long as these America hating scum are clogging our streets, there will be America loving patriots to stop them in their tracks!

Source: Conservative Tribune

Kay Johnson
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